All About Me

Take me out o the ballgame!

John Hutchins
Freed Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Pueblo Colorado

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/john.hutchins1 


Experiencing History Where It Happened!

I am single, mid 40’s, I what 3 boys, a daughter-in-law, & 2 grand-daughters.

The King on Boston Trip 2007 in Plymouth Village

The King on Boston Trip 2007 in Plymouth Village

I coach middle school football, wrestling, girl’s basketball, & girl’s track. I am not crazy, just bored! But I am looking for a reason to quit at least 2 of those sports.

Philapelphia Trip 2008 "the Posse"

Philapelphia Trip 2008 "the Posse"

Anything I do, I do with a passion. That’s how I feel about teaching history, I have a passion for it & for my students!

Enjoy these pictures:

My favorite class last year! High achievers & they kept me laughing!


My oldest grand-daughter (Lisa, 7) is in the middle dancing in a recital.

My youngest grand-daughter (Jadien, 3) with me at dinner after her recital.

My Girl’s Track team were the 2008 City Champs in Pueblo!

My little pup “Princess” runs the household! She sits, rolls over, plays dead, high 5’s, sits up on her butt, fetches, everything except speaks! Guess I should be happy about that!



One comment

  1. Hey –
    You might want to update your “All about me” section. Single, mid-forties… is that really accurate? Well, single may be technically correct, but is it really true? And that mid-forties statement is quite a stretch, don’t you think?!
    Jackie might take offense to you suggesting Princess is your dog as well.

    Did you remember that today is her birthday? (Jackie, not Princess)

    See you soon. Jeri

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