King Hutch back in the Saddle Again!!!

June 15, 2014

Yes it’s been years since I’ve posted any of my trips. Since my 2010 NY trip I’ve been busy. I’ve traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast and even into Canada. Mid summer 2010 we went to Florida for teacher training and fun. Then late summer 2010 we drove to Scottsbluff to the Badlands to Fort Laraime. In 2011 & 2013 we went on two 5000 mile “roadtrip” up to the Pacific Northwest. In 2012 we flew to NYC and spent 4 days there then traveled to Philly…Gettysburg/ Hershey/ Harper’s Ferry/ Jamestown/ Baltimore/ & Washington DC. 2013 we traveled to Branson/ Springfield to Memphis and New Orleans. Both my wife and I are teachers and our goal is to visit and learn about every state in the Union within the next few years.

But tomorrow I have another “Trip of a Lifetime” to New York for 10 days. It will bring back memories as well as unleash new adventures with 30 history teachers. Watch out… The King is Back and RIDES AGAIN!!!


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